Why should brands play the “Status Game” to?

Why should brands play the “Status Game” to?

Its Simple because Status Game shows .. Survival of the fittest

Status provides us the best opportunities and ample security

“ The reason someone will associate or not associate with your brands – is because it affects their perceived status”

So let’s understand how brand positioning affects your business

Indians always have always envisioned an Ambassador as the car of their dreams. It was a voluptuous car with seats that resembled spring sofas. 

The white Ambassador turned out to be a symbol of higher status. The car had a big presence on the Indian roads, both physically and authoritatively

 Ratan Tata launched the ‘Tata Nano’ to fulfil  every Indian’s desire of owning a car. 

At the launch event, Mr.Tata spoke about the inspiration behind what he called the “people’s car.”  He spoke of the need for affordable transport for families riding on two-wheelers. 

But Tata’s Nano failed to catch the fantasy of the aspiring Indian middle-class that it was designed for. Nano’s sales declined dramatically by 70% in just two years.

However, the brand attempted a makeover – targeting the urban youth with a stoked up model and marketing which promised  “awesomeness.” The company was trying hard to re-position itself as a smart city car for urban millennials. 

But Tata’s Nano had failed its purpose because it did not live up to the idea of a car that Indians have grown up with. 

Their idea of a car was a wholesome, voluptuous vehicle, well endowed with features, and above all a ‘status enhancer’.

It was this overt publicity of Nano as the ‘cheapest car in the world’ which cost them.

Imagine working hard through your life and saving money in the hope that one day you would have enough to own a car. 

If this is the dream you have fostered, you don’t want to get caught driving a car that’s known to be the cheapest. 

People wanted to buy aspiration but we were selling them affordability.

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