8 Amazing Digital Marketing Strategy to Kickstart Indian Business During COVID-19 Unlock

8 Amazing Digital Marketing Strategy to Kickstart Indian Business During COVID-19 Unlock

Coronavirus digital marketing strategy to help businesses stay afloat amidst the pandemic. In this article, we discuss COVID-19 marketing tips to help you rebuild your online presence and maximize your business efficiency and profits now that you’re fully operational again.

Months after the coronavirus outbreak, India has started to reopen and relax shelter-in-place orders. Several states have already reopened many businesses. On June 1, the Home Ministry announced that restaurants, retail stores, and IT parks could reopen at 25 percent capacity while maintaining social distancing. On July 1, the Home Ministry in unlock 2.0 allowed hair salons, barbershops, parks, interstate travels to reopen. On Aug 5, Gyms, Yoga institutes, the night Travel can start letting in a limited number of. On the other hand, Cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, pubs, auditoriums, assembly halls, and similar places are still under lockdown and taking the hit due to the pandemic.

Businesses that are up and running and also the businesses which are yet to open need to take the right steps to protect your business. Businesses are recommended to follow these coronavirus digital marketing strategy and take a proactive approach to restore your brand’s digital presence

1.  Increase Your Brand Recognition and Get More Visibility

Digital Axia Increase Your Brand Recognition and Get More Visibility

Now, it’s high time to take your business online, customers are looking for businesses online presence. We’ve already seen a shift in consumer search behavior during the last month. As such, you need to closely monitor Google Trends and leverage data tracking tools to understand your target customers’ search intent.

Redesign foundational search engine optimization (SEO) factors to make sure the backbone of your campaigns is strong while the world is changing, If the world is changing, the search landscape and search volume is exponentially increasing and will require fresh research and strategy.

As a marketer, you need to focus your SEO strategy around relevant keywords and topics for your niche market. In this way, you can ensure your target audiences find your company when they are ready to take action. Furthermore, make sure to update your Google Business listing with your current business status and operational hours. Doing so will create a better experience for online users who may be searching for your service.

2.  Rebuild Your Online Reputation

Digital Axia Rebuild Your Online Reputation

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Google stopped publishing new reviews and Google Q&A on business profiles for a while. Many companies struggled to maintain their review management strategies during the pandemic because of this Google update. Aside from hiding Google and other platform reviews from online users, business owners were also prevented from providing review responses.

The good news is that in early April, Google has started to republish reviews and review responses that were filtered during the coronavirus crisis. This is an effort to moderate content as operations return to normalcy.

Start building links and new positive reviews right away, so your website and online profile’s reputation speaks better. The competition might be weak the rest of this year since many companies cannot put resources into digital initiatives, so you better take advantage of this opportunity to establish your social proof and reach out to your customers.

“Yes! Onilne reviews matters”. People are looking for reviews of essential businesses, such as new restaurants to order meal from and doctors to attend. So, pushing forward with efforts to get more reviews can be beneficial during this time.

3.  Examine Your Digital Properties

Digital Axia Examine Your Digital PropertiesBusinesses need to reevaluate your digital marketing strategies and ensure you are leveraging cost-effective online marketing services to your advantage.

Many businesses have pulled back or completely turned off their marketing/advertising  budgets taking this as an advantge, Now is an opportunity for the businesses to really make up ground from an organic search standpoint because it is comparetively easier to rank in the top results .

Now is a good time to examine all your digital properties because this will be over at some point, And if you have extra time at home to examine it or you need to put your team to work, re-assessing your SEO, PPC, social media strategies and site usability are all good uses of time. Here are some digital marketing tips businesses in India can be used during Covid pandemic

•  Assist the community
•  Be flexible with cost — offer discounts where you can for furloughed/unemployed workers
•  Continue to invest heavily in search optimization(organic results)
•  Increase your ad budgets
•  Prepare for the long-term with a robust digital marketing strategy
•  Invest in creating a great web presence

4.  Strengthen Your Digital Infrastructure

Digital Axia Strengthen Your Digital Infrastructure

Business website serves as your company’s digital foundation. With responsive web design and integrated digital marketing solutions, you can maximize your outreach conversion opportunities. Redesigning websites, growing social media usage and leveraging online technologies are more than just a trend. These practices will continue to be an integral part of business marketing for years to come.

Redesign your website and make it look good and work well for the virtual demand that will likely become the new normal,M ake sure that when people find you online without any difficulty, they will want to do business with YOU instead of with your competition.

Businesses need to strengthen their digital infrastructure to adapt the new industry changes. here are some of the COVID-19 marketing tips to help you adjust your web strategy for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic:

•  Upgrade your site’s eCommerce capabilities
•  Create engaging videos and graphics
•  Update your site content with the necessary information, such as scheduling and delivery details
•  Keep your branding consistent
•  Fix your product photos
•  Increase your site security with web hosting services
•  Optimize your pages

5.  Focus on Transparency and Communication

Digital Axia Focus on Transparency and Communication

This is the time when your prospects and customers need to hear from you more often. Strengthen your email marketing strategies (but not spam) and utilize newsletters to inform consumers about your policy changes, business updates or any developments. You can also use this platform to keep in touch with your prospects and let them know you are there for their immediate needs.

Businesses need to maintain effective client communication during and after the Covid-19. With social distancing in effect, the internet is the one place where people are spending more time each day, It’s the perfect place to continually keep clients and customers engaged and informed on current happenings and updates. Businesses must re-strategize their efforts with a heightened focus on transparency, communication and an open mind to restructure for revenue streams.


6.  Refine Your Targeting Strategies 

Digital Axia Refine Your Targeting Strategies

Rework on your ad expenses and allocate your budget strategically to ensure you are connecting with customers who need your services and products the most. Keep track of your analytics and fine-tune any pay-per-click marketing strategy that is not showing any positive return.

Businesses advertising with PPC will be affected by fewer impressions and clicks, lower conversion rates and higher CPAs. “However, advertisers will notice less competition, resulting in lower CPCs, better click-through-rates/interaction rates, better display ads performance and higher quality leads. As a result, businesses can expect higher quality scores and more accurate smart bidding strategies due to consistency in advertising.”

Business owners need to align their PPC strategies with their specific niche markets. In this way, you can leverage targeting opportunities and generate more conversions. You must also explore new creative advertising strategies, such as display ads and video ads, as part of your digital marketing solutions.

7.  Establish a Robust Social Media Presence

Digital Axia Establish a Robust Social Media Presence

Social media brand management is continually an ongoing effort. This means even if you’re not seeing walkin traffic in your stores right now, this time is more important than ever to establish your online presence and boost your brand awareness.

It’s very important to establish a strong brand and social media presence so that your customers and prospects can see what you have to offer and remember you when it’s time to buy.  But, also, the competition is going to be a little tougher, so you’re going to need to start now and build a strong image and brand presence on social media.

To build your digital footprint, you must not only share trustworthy and honest content but also you need to ensure you’re responding to reviews, comments and questions on time.

Businesses should be gathering their post-coronavirus strategy to put them in a position to win where they’re prepared and optimistic about their businesses slowly opening back up in the near future. They also need to be very proactive in reaching out to their current customer base and updating them as well as attracting new customers who may not have known about their service/product otherwise.

Businesses need to reconfigure your social media marketing strategies as part of your digital marketing solutions. Now that the world is dealing with new business standards, relying on your previous digital marketing tactics or traditional marketing strategies won’t cut it. You need to create organic social media content and ads that provide value to each of your unique audience segments.

With the large increase of traffic online, this is the perfect opportunity to finally get your brand’s social media presence up and running  ASAP. Make sure to create a cohesive social media strategy to help you attract more sales and leads.

8.  Invest in eCommerce Marketing 

Digital Axia Invest in eCommerce Marketing

As consumer behavior continues to evolve, people will want to have their products delivered, book services online and communicate and purchase virtually for a significant period.

If a business is highly visible online, they will continue to see support from their clients and more traffic to their digital marketing efforts. Since more people are forced to be at home and are spending more time online, they’re seeking news, updates and entertainment. Those who are present and active online will be the ones who stand out. Those who are not, will be at a standstill and lose potential new customers and their current customer’s visibility.

With eCommerce optimization, you can ensure your business is available 24/7 to high-intent consumers.

Indian business owners need to follow these COVID-19 digital marketing tips to provide your prospects with round-the-clock, convenient service:

•  Optimize your product listings on Amazon
•  Display your review widget
•  Leverage free Shopify tools
•  Diversify your product offerings
•  Eliminate unnecessary form fields on your site
•  Conduct a customer needs evaluation and utilize this data to improve your service
•  Update your product pages
•  Be smart about PPC advertising
•  Consider selling on additional platforms
•  Create a loyalty program for your customers

The COVID-19 pandemic is sure to leave a mark on the way people work, shop, and socialize. There will be a major increase in the actual delivery of services virtually. Businesses such as law firms, marketing companies, or any service business that doesn’t have to physically be onsite with a client will likely see demand for virtual services.

In this fast-changing business landscape, you need to take your coronavirus digital marketing strategy to the next level. It’s key to remain ahead of your competition. Businesses are improving their organic presence by optimizing their websites, using social media to communicate and leveraging paid search. Digital marketing is an ongoing effort to remain competitive and now is the time to push more to not fall behind and lose traction from all your previous efforts.

Entrust your marketing strategies with Digital Axia and let us help you rise above this highly-saturated online realm.

Digital Axia is here to help you develop long-term strategies within your financial capacity. We offer full-service digital marketing and web design solutions tailored to your specific industry, needs, and requirements. Our online marketing specialists will work closely with you to ensure your business maintains a robust digital presence no matter the crisis or industry changes.

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